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Repair Restoration and Mitigations Solutions

We help you to repair properties after they have been damaged by a range of threats such as flood, asbestos, mold and fire. We reduce the lifetime of repair projects and ensure repairs meet the highest standards.


Our repair, restorations and mitigation solutions are provided by Oriel

With a decade of property reinstatement experience, we work for insurers, brokers and property owners
Service Overview
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We help people repair their properties after they have been damaged, often on behalf of the insurance industry. 

Depending on the territory, we can provide and manage contractors who will provide emergency mitigation, restoration and repair for you and also undertake work to strengthen the property against common threats such as flood, asbestos, mold and fire.

How we can help
  • Reduce project lifetimes - and costs

    We minimize your repair lifecycle, using our network to get contractors on-site as quickly as possible and our careful scrutiny means estimates and billings are fair and accurate.

  • Provide peace of mind

    Our project managers only use fully certified teams, using specialists in flood, fire, asbestos and mold, whose work meets all local trade standards and regulations.

Service Features
  • What our services include

    Our services include:

    • Supplier and Repair Management
    • Project Management for repair, mitigation and restoration projects
    • Asbestos and mold mitigation
    • Audits for repair, mitigation and restoration projects
    • After hours emergency service
    • Subsidence repairs
    • Fire and Water Mitigation

    We currently work in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US and UK.


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